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Scuba Diving

What is Scuba Diving? Scuba diving refers to swimming under water and using breathing equipment (scuba gear) to breathe under water. Scuba diving gear consists of a mask, a self-contained underwater breathing apparatus, and fins.

Other Names for Scuba Diving: Skin Diving, Deep-sea Diving. The term scuba diving is actually an acronym for Self-Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus.

Scuba Diving in Foreign Languages:

Scuba Diving in Foreign Languages

Chinese: shuifŤi qiŠnshui
Dutch: duiksport
Finnish: laitesukellus
Japanese: sukyuba-daibingu
Spanish: buceo

Scuba Diving History: Diving has played an important part in history. The earliest divers date back to the very first sponge divers. Additionally the story of Scyllis, refers to a Greek sailor circa 500 BC, who used a reed to breathe as he cut the mooring lines of Persian ships. There were a number of attempts to assist with under water breathing throughout the centuries. In 1771, John Smeaton, a British engineer, invented the air pump. That invention was followed by the invention of a rebreathing device developed by, Sieur Freminet. Unfortunately, Freminet's invention was a poor one, the inventor died from lack of oxygen after being in his own device for twenty minutes. In 1825, William James, designed another self-contained breather, a cylindrical iron "belt" attached to a copper helmet. The rebreather allowed divers to submerge for approximately 7 minutes. In 1873, BenoÓt Rouquayrol and Auguste Denayrouze invented equipment that consisted of a rigid diving suit with a safer air supply, however the gear weighed about 200 pounds, making unrealistic. This invention was followed by one by Henry Fleuss. Fleuss invented a closed circuit, oxygen rebreather, that was originally intended to be used in the repair of an iron door of a flooded ship's chamber. Fleuss' invention was developed in 1876. Fleuss' invention was then used for a thirty-foot deep dive. Fleuss' suffered the same fate as Freminet, though the cause was different. Fleuss died from the pure oxygen; oxygen is toxic to humans under pressure. The infamous Harry Houdini even got involved in the inventions of diving equipment. In 1921 Houdini invented a diving suit, to aid with his underwater escape. In 1942 Aqualung was introduced. The Aqualung was developed by Emile Gagnan and Jacques-Yves Cousteau. Modern portable breathing equipment has become lighter and has allowed for divers to stay under the water for longer periods of time.

Scuba Diving Competition History: Scuba diving is not a competitive sport.

Modern Scuba Diving: Modern portable breathing equipment has become lighter and has allowed for divers to stay under the water for longer periods of time.

Types of Scuba Diving: The most common types of diving are: open water diving, wreck diving, cave diving, rescue diving, drift diving, night diving, deep diving, ice diving, river diving, high altitude diving, kayak diving

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