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Surfing Gifts

Two major subdivisions within stand-up surfing are longboarding and shortboarding, reflecting differences in surfboard design including surfboard length, and riding style.

Surfing-related sports such as paddleboarding and sea kayaking do not require waves, and other derivative sports such as kitesurfing and windsurfing rely primarily on wind for power, yet all of these platforms may also be used to ride waves.


What is surfing?
Surfing is the art of riding a breaking wave on a board.

Other Names for Surfing: Wave Sliding,

Surfing in Foreign Languages

Arabic: rakuub 'amwaaj
Chinese: chonglàng
Finnish: lainelautailu
French: surf
German: Wellenreiten / Surfen
Hawaiian: he'e nalu
Italian: surfare / fare surf
Japanese: safin
Korean: padotagi / seoping
Samoan: fa'ase'e / se'egalu
Spanish: surfear
Turkish: sörf

Surfing History: Bodysurfing was the first type of wave catching, where individuals used their body to ride the waves. as an integral part of ancient Polynesian and Hawaiian culture. The Polynesian surfing predates contact with the Europeans. Samoans were also early surfers. The missionaries discouraged surfing and surfing all but disappeared from culture until the twentieth century. In 1907, George Freeth, a Hawaaian demonstrated surfing in California. In 1912, James Matthias Jordan, Jr. introduced surfing to the East Coast of the United States in Virginia Beach. In 1915, a Hawaiian named Hawaiian Duke Kahanamoku, demonstrated surfing in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. Surfing gradually took hold and with the inspired "Gidget" movies and music by the Beach Boys in the 1960s the popularity grew.

Surfing Competition History: There are a number of professional surfing competitions. Surfing is notably absent from the summer Olympics and there is much discussion about the addition of surfing to the games.

Modern Surfing: Modern surfing involves three different types of surfing, they include: longboarding, shortboarding, and stand up paddle surfing.

Types of Surfing: There are a variety of different kinds of surfboards some are long, while others are short, the number of fins used to stablize a board can vary as well. Typical surfboards can range in size from 6 feet in length to over 12 feet in length.

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